Citizens for Lexington Conservation

CLC 2018 Question for Candidates Sent to All Candidates:

As part of its overall mission to enhance environmental awareness, Citizens for Lexington Conservation annually poses one or more questions to candidates for Town office and publishes their responses. This year’s question focuses on efforts by the Sustainable Lexington Committee. To date, actions proposed by the Committee and adopted by the Town have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions and improved our health while saving the town and Lexington residents over $2.4 million per year. These actions include:

  • Solar Energy Systems on town properties – $450,000/year
  • Municipal energy Efficiency Investments – $450,000/year
  • Community Choive 100% renewable electricity – $1,500,000/year

What else should we do to ensure that Lexington’s future is fully sustainable? Would you support the following proposals that have been developed over the past year by the Sustainable Lexington Committee:

  • Adopting the proposed Sustainable Action Plan
  • Adopting the proposed Sustainable Building Design Policy
  • Switching the town’s municipal electricity supply agreement to 100% renewable energy sources

These proposals have all been reviewed by the Board of Selectmen and will be under consideration for adoption by the Selectmen this year. If you are elected, which of these proposals would you support? Please provide a brief explanation of your reasoning.
MAS: Climate change is real and the Town of Lexington is committed to becoming more sustainable. The Town should do all it can to achieve “net zero” carbon emissions, accelerate renewables, and support green policies in all the ways we live, build, and move.

Previous Town Meeting actions saw the Town adopt the Stretch Energy Code in March 2010; in March 2013 the Town adopted Warrant Article 33 stating that the Town will:
“(a) consider climate change in all appropriate decisions and planning processes; (b) take action to prepare for the impacts of a changing climate; (c) reduce greenhouse gas emissions; (d) develop and implement a comprehensive climate action plan; all with the goal of making Lexington a truly sustainable community.”

Two proposals, the Sustainable Action Plan and the Sustainable Building Design Policy, deepen the Town’s previous commitments and expand its portfolio for sustainable practice. I support both proposals because they demonstrate responsible policy that protects and sustains our environment and natural resources.

Lexington and Sustainable Lexington were recently recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with its “Leading by Example” award. The award recognizes outstanding clean energy, environmental, and sustainability efforts on the part of state agencies, municipalities, and individuals. I support a comprehensive energy policy that builds on work already done to advance our green economy and to further clean energy and renewables, Town-, State-, and Nation-wide.

Photo credit: Mary Ann Stewart, Arlington Great Meadows, Lexington