My Statement on the SJC’s Fair Share Amendment Decision

As one of the original signers of the Fair Share Amendment, I am deeply disappointed in today’s SJC decision that prevents the proposed amendment from going on the ballot and being put before the people of our Commonwealth. This decision makes it clear that a strong, progressive coalition in the legislature is more important than ever.

If elected, I pledge to be a part of that coalition and work as hard as I can to get a new question on the ballot.

The technicalities that allowed the Court to strike the Fair Share Amendment from the ballot don’t apply to constitutional amendments initiated by the legislature, rather than by citizen initiative. So I will seek to have the legislature put forward an amendment to let the people have the final say on the millionaire’s tax.

I also believe that, should the sales tax-cut question make it onto the ballot, voters must defeat it. We need more revenue, not less, and not just for education and transportation, but many other areas as well.

I agree with State Representative Jay Kaufman that “until the wealthiest among us pay their fair share, we are destined to live with inadequate state services and the gross inequity of our state taxes.”