We’re faced with competing and compelling priorities in the Commonwealth. That’s why we need a courageous champion who isn’t afraid to speak up and make change.

Some people approach this work by first stepping back and waiting until a consensus has formed before deciding how to move. I approach things differently, leading with my values first and building coalitions from there, right at the outset. If there will be compromise (as is usually the case), then we can compromise, but I will not compromise on values.

I’m the clear progressive choice in this race and the best candidate who will strengthen the constituency base of power within the Progressive Caucus in the State House. My top priorities are:

  1. Improving public education, including fair, adequate funding for K-12 (ultimately recalculating the Foundation Budget Formula), expanding early education and care, improving career/vocational technical education, and debt-free college options;
  2. Climate and environmental justice and quickly moving to 100% renewable energy; and
  3. Improving the lives of working people, with affordable healthcare, housing, and social, racial, and economic justice.

I’ve been giving voice to progressive values for more than twenty years of activism, working inside and outside of the State House to improve legislation and public policy, and I’m the candidate working to make sure millionaires pay their fair share of taxes. I’ve been involved in community-building and person-to-person advocacy because I’m driven by my values of fairness, opportunity, and equality for all.

Now, it’s time for me to bring that activism into the State House to continue standing up for those values and to push leadership to do the right things — from healthcare to housing, from climate change to civil rights.

And that’s why I’ve been endorsed by leading statewide progressive organizations: Progressive Mass, Progressive Democrats of Mass, and Mass Alliance – a coalition of over twenty unions, LGBTQ rights, pro-choice, healthcare, and environmental organizations, in addition to local progressive group, Woburn Welcomes. I’ve also been endorsed by Massachusetts Voters for Animals, as I recognize the importance of advocating for all of Lexington and Woburn’s creatures, great and small, and national recommendations by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and #VoteProChoice. They all agree that I am the most progressive choice in this race.

I ask for your vote on Tuesday, September 4. Thank you.

Photo credit: Glenn Parker