Mary Ann Stewart for State Rep

August 2

I am writing to urge you to join me in supporting Mary Ann Stewart in the Sept. 4 election for State Representative. Mary Ann is the candidate with a proven track record in providing the bold progressive leadership that I am looking for in Lexington’s representative in the legislature.

Many critical issues are confronting our state. And our legislature is too often dominated by “centrist” leaders and special-interest lobbyists who move slowly and modestly or not at all.

If you share my sense of urgency about these critical issues – from climate change to equitable educational opportunity for all to protecting our vulnerable populations to ensuring universal, affordable health care, and more – then I hope you’ll agree that what we need in the legislature is a bold leader who shares our values and who has a proven ability to build coalitions to put those values into action.

I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Mary Ann, both on local issues in Lexington and as part of statewide progressive coalitions, where she has consistently demonstrated both the values and the skills that I’m looking for in my representative.  

Deval Patrick recognized those same strengths when he appointed Mary Ann to the state Board of Education. The Raise Up Mass coalition recognized them in asking Mary Ann to take a leading role in the fight for the Fair Share amendment. Leading progressive groups, including the Mass Alliance and Progressive Democrats of Mass. recognized them in endorsing Mary Ann’s candidacy.

Mary Ann is the only candidate with proven ability to build the power of progressives and to advance a value-based agenda. Those are the skills we need in our state representative. Please join me in supporting Mary Ann’s candidacy.

Peter Enrich, Clarke Street