Independent Redistricting

Represent.Us distributed an online candidate questionnaire for their voter guide created by the Boston and Western MA volunteer chapters of Represent.Us. Candidates were asked to respond to five questions in 150 words or fewer.

What are your thoughts on using an independent redistricting
commission to map out Massachusetts’ voting districts?

In a democracy, our votes are our voice. We must ensure that we are advancing and expanding the freedom to vote. Everyday people should have the power to elect officials who will represent them and their interests, but, too often, election rules undermine that power. We’ve seen partisan and race-based gerrymandering dilute the representation of people of color and the Electoral College, thus preventing people across the United States from having an equal say in our democracy, and actively devalue the participation of parts of the electorate. Massachusetts (and every state) must establish independent redistricting commissions to draw voting maps. Elected officials from winner-take-all, at-large districts do not truly serve the people or their interests. States must also ensure that government officials are responsive and accountable to a broader range of the people they represent.

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