Campaign Issues

Represent.Us distributed an online candidate questionnaire for their voter guide created by the Boston and Western MA volunteer chapters of Represent.Us. Candidates were asked to respond to five questions in 150 words or fewer.

What are your top three campaign issues?
I’ve been giving voice to progressive values through more than twenty years of activism, working inside and outside of the State House to improve legislation and policy. I’m the candidate working to make sure millionaires pay their fair share of taxes. I will strengthen the Progressive Caucus in the State House. With competing, compelling priorities in the Commonwealth, we need a courageous champion who isn’t afraid to speak up and make change. My top three priorities are: 1) Improving public education, including fair, adequate funding for K-12 (ultimately recalculating the Foundation Budget Formula), expanding early education and care, improving career/vocational technical education, and debt-free college options; 2) Climate and environmental justice and quickly moving to 100% renewable energy; 3) Improving the lives of working people, with affordable healthcare, housing, and social, racial, and economic justice.