Citizen’s United

Represent.Us distributed an online candidate questionnaire for their voter guide created by the Boston and Western MA volunteer chapters of Represent.Us. Candidates were asked to respond to five questions in 150 words or fewer.

What is your view on the Citizens United​ Supreme Court ruling and money in politics in general?

Citizen’s United is dangerous and threatens our democracy. Corporations are not the same as people. Corporations should not have access to the liberties the Bill of Rights affords us as people. We must work diligently to pass a constitutional amendment to make sure we are as strong a Commonwealth as possible. While we are going through that amendment process, I will work hard in the State Legislature to support legislation that increases transparency and accountability. We must work toward a system of greater public financing of campaigns. Yet, reform of Citizen’s United encompasses more than just campaigns. If we care about consumers and environmental regulation and protections, we have to work to overturn Citizen’s United.