Ranked Choice Voting

Represent.Us distributed an online candidate questionnaire for their voter guide created by the Boston and Western MA volunteer chapters of Represent.Us. Candidates were asked to respond to five questions in 150 words or fewer.

What’s your opinion on ranked choice voting (RCV) for elections in Massachusetts?

We need a government that is of, by, and for the people — the highest ideals of our democracy. I spent time talking to members of Voter Choice Massachusetts this year at the June State Democratic Convention. They helped me understand the Ranked Choice Voting process and I support this simple, yet powerful, change to the way we vote. The benefits of Ranked Choice Voting are that it ensures majority support for a candidate by allowing voters to choose candidates by order of preference, diminishes money’s role in politics, and promotes reflective representation. We should implement Ranked Choice Voting as soon as possible. As I understand it, Ranked Choice Voting is being considered as a November ballot initiative in Massachusetts in 2020.

Image credit: MaineBeacon.com