I’m Voting for Mary Ann

I’m voting for Mary Ann Stewart because she has the values, commitment and experience to make a difference in the State House. Of the five candidates vying in the Democratic primary, Mary Ann is the one capable of effecting change.

A lot of good legislation was left on the table this session. Among the most egregious lapses were the failure of the State House leadership to advance the Safe Communities Act and overhaul the state’s education funding formula, as well as stripping important measures from clean energy and climate legislation, despite the senate’s unanimous passage of a comprehensive energy bill. In commenting on his disappointment at the compromise energy bill which ultimately prevailed, Senator Jamie Eldridge emphasized, “the influence of corporate, fossil fuel, and utility lobbyists on energy policy” … and concluded “there is a serious problem with democracy in Massachusetts,…”

We need a change in the House leadership. Mary Ann is the one who recognizes that need and is willing to fight for it. She understands the importance of harnessing the power of grassroots movements and will contribute to a strong Progressive Caucus.

She speaks and lives her values. She’s fought for education equity; advocated for minimum wage and paid medical leave. Her experience and commitment have been recognized by statewide coalitions.

Mary Ann has received the endorsement of Mass Alliance, Progressive Democrats of MA (PDM) and Progressive MA. She was appointed by Deval Patrick to the State Board of Education and was recognized for her progressive stance by being asked by Raise Up Massachusetts to be one of ten original signers of the Fair Share Amendment.

Please join me in voting Tuesday, September 4 for the Bold Progressive, Mary Ann Stewart.

Jeanne Krieger, Webster Road