Stewart at the Forefront

I am writing to urge you to join me in voting for Mary Ann Stewart as our next State Representative on September 4. She shares my values, and she has the right skills to advance them at the State House.

As a professor and senior research scholar at the Hiatt Center for Urban Education at Clark University, I care deeply about Massachusetts providing excellent schools for all of our children, and more broadly about ensuring economic opportunity for all. I have seen Mary Ann’s deep commitment to these values, on our local school committee, on the state board of education to which she was named by Deval Patrick, and in her state-level leadership on workers’ rights and on the Millionaire’s Tax.  She’s been at the forefront of battles that need to be fought.

Some people whom I respect have praised another of the candidates for her ability to bring people together in advancing municipal projects in Lexington, and for her ability to find the middle ground among competing interests. Those are certainly valuable skills. They’re skills I’d absolutely want in our next town manager, or a selectman. But they are not the skills I’m looking for in my state representative.  

I want a state representative who will provide bold leadership to move Massachusetts forward on the challenging and controversial issues facing our commonwealth, someone who can build coalitions to advance progressive values, someone who will speak out for what’s right and only compromise when the gains from doing so are clear. Those are the skills Mary Ann has demonstrated, both in Lexington and in statewide progressive campaigns.

Please join me in voting for Mary Ann Stewart on September 4.

Sarah Michaels, Waltham Street