The True Progressive

There are many fine candidates running for the Democratic Primary on September 4th, however, only one is a true progressive fighting for regular folks – that candidate is Mary Ann Stewart.

Mary Ann is not riding the progressive wave, she IS the progressive wave. She understands the needs of working class and middle class folks, because she’s lived it. Time and time again, she has shown that she is the candidate with the values and credentials to enact and advocate for progressive change, in the 15th Middlesex District race.

Mary Ann has recently been endorsed by the Working Families Party, a national political organization that is recruiting, training, and electing the next generation of progressive leaders to office. New England Political Director of the Working Families Party, Georgia Hollister Isman said, “Mary Ann is the real deal progressive. We can trust her to fight for economic and racial justice in the State House, because that is just what she has been doing already. We are proud to support her.”

I want our next state representative to be the type of leader that doesn’t shy away from bold change, that has an ear to the ground, that spearheads movements, and brings people up with them to the arenas where long lasting change happens. Mary Ann has been and will continue to be that person for us, because she believes in people power over corporate power.  

Mary Ann has 20+ years of experience fighting for our families and community. She is not afraid to challenge the status quo. I trust Mary Ann to fight for quality public education, improve the lives of working people, and climate and environmental justice because she always has.

Join me in voting for Mary Ann Stewart on September 4th, the people’s progressive leader.

Kathryn Robb, Bowker Street