Admiration for Mary Ann

I am writing to express my admiration for Mary Ann Stewart, with the hope that my friends and neighbors in Lexington and Woburn will select her in the Democratic primary for state representative on Sept. 4.

Gov. Deval Patrick appointed her to the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education in 2014, and she soon found herself on a board with a majority appointed by Gov. Charlie Baker. Though she serves on a board where the majority doesn’t share her progressive views regarding public education, she has persevered in a respectful manner.

This is a critical skill that we need in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. In a legislative body that lacks the transparency and democratic practices of a Massachusetts town meeting, we need a skilled progressive reformer who can push the envelope as far as possible without being cast into total irrelevance in a basement office beneath the state house. Mary Ann has these skills.

As a long-serving School Committee member in Arlington, and as a past president of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees, I recognize how rare it is to find a state legislator who is a skilled and courageous advocate for public education and progressive, democratic values. I have no doubt that Mary Ann Stewart will make us proud, and I hope you agree and give her your vote.

— Paul Schlichtman, Mystic Street, Arlington