Big Challenges Ahead

The Commonwealth has a history of being bold and visionary. Not only must we resist inaction in the short-term, we must persist with a progressive vision for our Commonwealth for the long-term.

Time and again we see the super-majority of Democrats in the State House settle for moderate compromise on small issues that don’t affect you, instead of a driving sense of urgency on the critical issues before us: innovative protections for the environment that enable a strong renewable energy infrastructure; adequate funding for K-12 public education, early childhood, and debt-free post-secondary education; and safe communities for immigrants.

I believe in representation that champions quality public services and policies that people need to overcome the challenges they face every day. It’s that belief, plus a lifetime engaging in our political process and giving voice to progressive values, that I will bring to the Legislature.

Massachusetts has been a proving ground for progressive policies before, and we must push onward. I’ve been a tireless advocate for:

  • Public Education
    • Governor Deval Patrick’s legacy appointee on the statewide Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
    • Former Massachusetts PTA President, twice elected to the Lexington School Committee and served as Chair
    • Enact Chapter 70 education aid funding formula update
    • Keep the cap on charter schools
    • Impose a three-year testing moratorium, to better assess the impact of testing on our students, teachers, and school system
  • Progressive Taxation and Improved Revenue Options
    • One of ten original signers of the Fair Share Amendment (the “Millionaires’ Tax”)
    • Proponent of a fair, adequate, sustainable, and predictable revenue system
  • Workers’ Rights
    • Tireless advocate for raising minimum wage, earned sick time, paid family and medical leave
    • Need to address wage theft, workers’ scheduling, child care
  • LGBTQ+ Equality
    • Advocate for Safe Schools Program for LGBTQ+ Students
    • Support Transgender rights and comprehensive sex education reform
    • Oppose “conversion therapy”
  • Protecting the Environment
    • Support carbon pricing policy
    • Work towards environmental sustainability through accelerated adoption of renewable energy, grid modernization, and phasing out of fossil fuels
    • Work for solar panels on every roof where they’re wanted, making clean, sustainable energy accessible for all
    • Invest in green jobs that will improve our economy now and in the future

My background and experience as a working parent, advocate, coalition builder, and community leader, with proven leadership experience locally, statewide, and nationally, ground my sense of purpose and will make a demonstrable difference for all of us in the 15th Middlesex District and beyond. Grassroots activism from outside the State House, coupled with work within important institutions in state government, is part of why I am the progressive choice to advocate for our district and push the Legislature toward progressive change.


From healthcare to housing, climate change to civil rights, I am proud to say that my activism and leadership have earned me the support of leading statewide progressive organizations: Progressive Massachusetts, Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts, and Mass Alliance (a coalition of over twenty-five leading progressive advocacy organizations including LGBTQ rights, pro-choice, labor, and environmental groups). I have also been endorsed by local progressive group, Woburn Welcomes (the only candidate in this race to receive a local endorsement), the Working Families Party, SEIU Local 509, and Massachusetts Voters for Animals, and received national recommendations from Moms Demand Action and #VoteProChoice.

With your help, we can build something better together. I ask for your vote on Tuesday, September 4th. Thank you.