On the Issues

If elected, Mary Ann will advance smart public policy and legislation for a thriving 15th Middlesex District and Commonwealth. She is a bold progressive leader and activist with the courage we need to drive change.

CLIMATE & ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE & RENEWABLE ENERGY Climate science is real and we need action to rapidly address climate change. Keep fossil fuels in the ground. Modernize the grid. Accelerate renewables and quickly transition to 100% renewable energy. Responsible policy to protect and sustain our environment and natural resources. Net Zero carbon emissions. Opportunities to support green policy in the way we live, build, move.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE Repeal mandatory minimums. Reduce spending on prisons by reducing sentences and shifting resources to prevention, education, vocational education, and re-entry programs.

ECONOMIC GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT Smart growth and development. Increased opportunities for small business and entrepreneurs, while advancing workers’ rights. The best economic driver is to invest in education for our children, especially for early education and care and for those considered “high risk”. Strong community prosperity includes access to affordable housing and a robust transportation system. No support for non-competes.

EDUCATION Access to high-quality, early education & care. Keep the cap on charter schools. Fair, adequate funding. Update Chapter 70 funding formula so that it is reflective of actual costs for students in need of special education, English language education, and for the economically disadvantaged, including an increased percentage for students needing special education in Career/Vocational Technical Education. Ultimately, recalculate the Foundation Budget Formula. Reduced testing. Debt-free Higher Education.

ELDERS & HOUSING Fair, adequate services and benefits. Resources for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. More affordable housing for everyone in our community. Address the need for more low and moderate income and affordable housing across the Commonwealth. Policies that support all residents, especially the homeless and those who cannot afford to rent or buy suitable housing.

GENDER & RACIAL EQUALITY Strengthen gender and racial pay equity laws. End gender discrimination and domestic violence. Safe, unimpeded access to abortion and birth control. Work support programs to increase economic security for women and communities of color. Increased gender and racial balance on corporate boards, non-profit boards, and executive and judicial branches of government. Recruit and support Democratic women candidates and Democratic candidates of color through mentoring and training programs.

GOVERNMENT, DEMOCRACY & VOTING RIGHTS A government of, by, and for the People — the highest ideals of our country. Government transparency. Support for implementation of a robust public financing plan for politics at every level. Clean elections. Same-day voter registration. Automatic voter registration. Voting is a right. Voter registration should be made as easy as possible. Polls should be safe and accessible. Registration and voting processes should be quick and efficient. No eligible resident should be denied access to the polls.

GUN SAFETY & VIOLENCE PREVENTION Fighting for a future free of gun violence in our communities, in our schools, in our neighborhoods. No guns for teachers in classrooms. Raise the minimum age for purchase of a handgun to 21 years. Ban assault weapons. Ban high-capacity magazines. Restrict Internet gun sales, including kits that can be used to make/modify guns. Close loopholes on background checks.

HEALTHCARE High-quality physical & mental healthcare as a basic right. Full access to comprehensive healthcare, including reproductive healthcare and women’s cancer prevention, screening, and treatment. Publicly administered single-payer option that reduces costs. Expanded access to dental care. Treat opioid & heroin epidemics as public health crises.

IMMIGRATION, CIVIL RIGHTS & SOCIAL JUSTICE Massachusetts must welcome all immigrants and refugees, who are integral parts of our community, social fabric, and economy. Support the Safe Communities Act, #MeToo, and #BlackLivesMatter. Opportunity and fairness for people regardless of age, ability, color, race, ethnicity, religion or creed, ancestry or national origin, gender, gender identity or gender expression, or sexual orientation, socio-economic status, including veterans, and homeless youth.

INCOME INEQUALITY, JOBS & WORKERS’ RIGHTS Access to jobs and a living wage. Green jobs for the economy and for all the ways we live, build, and move. Paid Family and Medical Leave. $15 minimum wage. The right to organize and collectively bargain for wages and benefits.

NET NEUTRALITY & DIGITAL PRIVACY/PRIVACY Expand broadband access to rural areas. The concept of a free, open, and accessible Internet where content isn’t controlled through “fast” and “slow” lanes. Businesses big and small, individuals, and families use the internet everyday for education, commerce, and information. It is critical that the Internet remain free and open. Ensure that our privacy is protected and keeps up with ever-changing technology.

REVENUE A fair, adequate, sustainable, and predictable revenue system. Champion of the Fair Share Amendment (“millionaire’s tax”). Committed to a more progressive tax system overall. Internet sales tax. Complete review of the Commonwealth’s tax expenditures. Protect taxpayers and prohibit reckless privatization of public services. Support for the Poor People’s Campaign.

TRANSPORTATION & INFRASTRUCTURE Safe, reliable, efficient public transportation. Address the MBTA maintenance backlog (over $7 billion). Increase investment for 21st Century standards upgrades for roads, bridges, ports, airports, rail, transit, bike paths, and walkways. Transportation investments should promote the creation of housing and employment opportunities, as they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve natural and cultural landscapes.

VETERANS & MILITARY FAMILIES Freedom isn’t free and we must serve those who have served, and are serving, all of us. Address critical issues, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other health issues related to exposure to toxins; mental health and suicide risk; Military Sexual Trauma; employment discrimination, and delays in receiving services and benefits. Fight to eliminate homelessness among our veteran population and invest in programs to create affordable housing options for veterans in all areas of the Commonwealth. Increased access to improved healthcare services for veterans and their families. Support women veterans by improving gender-sensitive healthcare, employment opportunities and access to services and resources.