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Momentum is building for Mary Ann’s campaign! Join us by adding your name to the list of our friends and neighbors who support our goal to keep real progressive representation in Lexington and Woburn.

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Here are just a few of the people who have endorsed Mary Ann’s campaign to represent our district on Beacon Hill:




“I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Mary Ann and have seen her skill in providing bold and effective leadership. That’s what I want in my state representative.”

-Peter Enrich, Former Lexington Selectman; Chair, Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts

I heartily endorse the true progressive candidate, MaryAnn Stewart, for the 15th Middlesex representative seat. We need an outspoken advocate who stands up for her constituents, no matter the odds. Whether it be her ardent support of our youth as she serves on the State Board of Education, her historic signature on the Fair Share Amendment, or her passionate support for racial and gender equity, Mary Ann embodies the strong advocate traits we need in our next representative.”

-Phyllis Neufeld, Burlington – Former President, Lexington Educators Association; Co-Chair, Lexington’s Public Employee Committee

“Mary Ann has been bringing people together to fight for education, working families, vulnerable populations, and strong democracy for decades. I’m an educator, a progressive, a father, and a Woburn resident, and I can’t think of a better person to advocate for me and for all of us on Beacon Hill.”

– Andrew Lipsett, Woburn – Ward 1 Chair, Woburn Democratic City Committee; Chair of State and National Issues, Woburn Welcomes

Mary Ann is a bold progressive, who stand for her beliefs.”

– Jeanne Krieger, Lexington – Former Lexington Selectman

Mary Ann has spent her whole life fighting for progressive causes. Jay Kaufman has been a leader during his tenure. We need to keep a bold, progressive leader in this seat and Mary Ann is that leader!”

-Bonnie Brodner, Lexington – Lexington Human Rights Committee; Former Lexington School Committee Member

“Mary Ann Stewart is an advocate for all students and families.”

– Margaret Heitz, Lexington – RaiseUp Massachusetts Coalition

“Mary Ann has been working for progressive causes in Lexington and at the state level for many years, and I trust that her experience and knowledge will be valuable on Beacon Hill.”

-Glenn Parker, Lexington – Member, Lexington Town Meeting

“Mary Ann will advocate for her constituents and what is best for our community. She has the persuasive and people skills to get the right thing done.”

– James L. Poage, Lexington

“We have known Mary Ann for more than 30 years; her actions and achievements demonstrate that she is the epitome of integrity, civic-mindedness and decisive leadership. She has long been a tireless advocate for LGBTQ equality. We can’t imagine a better, more passionate, and more effective voice for our community on Beacon Hill.”

-David Deschamps & Bennett Singer, authors of LGBTQ STATS: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer People by the Numbers (The New Press, 2017; Winner, 2018 Stonewall Honor Book Award from the American Library Association)

“She’s an authentic strong progressive voice.”

– Kathryn Robb, Lexington