My time in VA coincided with the Easter celebration weekend. By Monday, I was back on the road, headed for South Carolina, via Blue Ridge Parkway, to visit my Mother-in-law.

Now, most of this trip was open-ended, in terms of timeline, but one of only a couple of hard stop times was coming up on Friday, when I needed to be in New Orleans.

More on that to come.

In addition to spending time with my Mother-in-law, I wanted to squeeze in a visit with my niece and her husband (and doggo) in Atlanta.

Monday was a picture perfect day for a drive. I picked up the Blue Ridge Parkway in VA and was on my way through North Carolina to SC.

I left for GA on Wednesday. Once again, the drive was pretty and I was only there for the night.

I met my niece at the Bantam Pub for appetizers and a beer in late afternoon. The vibe is relaxed and cool, 70’s funk music played in the background.

Her spouse joined us and we all walked up the Atlanta Beltline to New Realm Brewery where we savored our favorite brew and watched the sunset from the roof deck.

On the Beltline
At New Realm Brewery

After that, a short walk for dinner at Pure taqueria.

Not that you can tell from this pic of the doggo in a backpack, two sides of Pure are open, al fresco. I recommend the Cazuela Bowl — wow!

So grateful for the walk home after dinner. After setting up my comfy sleeping arrangements, I was out like a light.

Header image: Easter Sunday

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