May 4, 2019

We had seen the Avengers “Captain Marvel” movie before going to see “Endgame”.

We’d prepared some dinners together and I had caught up on sleep and was, more or less, acclimated to the altitude.

I was now prepared for a visit to Estes Park and The Stanley Hotel.

As we drove into Town, we saw adolescent elk roaming freely along the roadside. My son noted there were “more cars and people than usual”, then we saw the banner across the road announcing the annual rubber duck race.

We found parking and enjoyed a short walk (that took us past the end of such a little race).

We entered the hotel and took our own tour of the interior public areas, then enjoyed a cocktail in the bar before walking about the hotel grounds. Those photos are here.

On our way back to Denver, we saw a flock of bighorn sheep grazing on the side of the road. Alas, I didn’t have my camera at the ready!

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