I spent six great days in Denver visiting our son. We fixed meals together, had dinner out, went to the movies, and visited the places I blogged about here.

We also found places to hang the art I brought for him.

All in all, a wonderful visit.

I did laundry and packed up the car the night before, then had coffee next morning and said my farewells, before heading out onto a drizzly and foggy highway.

My purpose fulfilled in Denver, I had considered continuing North through Wyoming and across Montana and the Dakotas, then meander my way South to Memphis.

And while that would have certainly been a lovely trip, I decided that I wanted to get to Memphis sooner, rather than later, and that it would take two days to do so from Denver.

I settled on Emporia KS as my driving destination for this day, about 8 hours from Denver.

Getting on the Interstate
View from the Interstate
Then, off I-70 and onto CO Highway 36
Fog and rain (nearly) all the way to Emporia
Welcome to Kansas
On the way to Emporia KS
Once in Emporia, I turned right for Oklahoma

Once I got to Emporia, I decided I could drive a bit further and so I turned South for Oklahoma.

While the rain was light, the lightening was intense! (You can’t see from the videos … I seemed to always miss the powerful lightening strikes that seemed to land right next to my car…!)

About 3 hours later, I had settled in Bartlesville OK for the night.

Next morning? Lots of rain, and hard, as I drove East through OK and crossed into Arkansas. About 40 miles outside of Memphis the rain cleared and thrilling blue skies and clouds prevailed as I entered Tennessee, and Memphis.

Clearing skies and a swollen Mississippi River
First glimpse of Memphis
Welcome to Tennessee — and to Memphis!

Header image: Welcome to Emporia KS

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