B and I have been facebook friends for years.

She had taken an interest in the documentation of my cross-country drive.

When B saw that I had left Colorado, came across Arkansas, and was in Memphis, then Nashville, well, she messaged me to ask if I was heading to Knoxville.

I was! And we were so excited that we both had time for a visit.

We met up at a local Knoxville restaurant and neither of us could believe that we hadn’t seen each other since high school (40 years!?!)

We enjoyed a late lunch and a toast to our good fortune, then I followed her car to her home up in the mountains about 30 minutes away.

It was a beautiful drive.

We stayed up for quite a while that night, talking non-stop as if teens on a sleepover.

Eventually, we called it a night.

Next morning, B fixed me a full-blown breakfast, replete with coffee, muffin, bacon, and eggs!

Before getting into our cars, we got this picture of ourselves…

I think we look like sisters!

We said goodbye, then she lead me down the mountain to where I could pick up the road to Richmond VA, my destination for today.

Header image: Tennessee mountain back road

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