I’d left Massachusetts for Colorado on Sunday, April 14 and returned home Friday, May 17, nearly five weeks later.

I loved visiting friends and family along my way and it was wonderful to see more of this country from the state roads and back roads that I traveled.

I’ve been West of the Mississippi many times, but only by car once before.

As I drove my route through the South and Midwest, chasing Spring all the way, I was struck by how much the landscape opened up once west of the Mississippi River.

As I drove along, I posted a little about this road trip on Twitter using #masride19.

I also created a Spotify playlist before hitting the road and I added to it as I went along. Should you be on Spotify and wish to have a listen the link to the list is HERE.

Are you fond of road trips? Where are some of the places you enjoyed visiting? What are your favorite tunes to listen to?

Header image: Leaves outside my bedroom window (no filter)

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