How awesome is it to have long-term relationships?

My friends and I from college have shared blood, sweat, and tears since we met at University of Lowell 40 yeas ago. We were cast in operas and musicals there and formed relationships that have lasted lo these many years.

After college, many of us worked in New Hampshire together as singing wait staff at the Mount Washington Hotel. We lived on-site and formed new relationships that have lasted ever since. Some pictured here met at the hotel and ultimately married a few years later.

This photo was taken this summer when our friend Jack and his husband Tom invited all of us to their upstate New York country house for a long weekend. That’s us pictured there who were able to make it.

Everything was delightful! From the perfect weather to the gorgeous flowers and meals to the accommodations and parlor games we played.

We spent time savoring all the old stories and telling all the well-loved insider jokes (that by now our spouses are well-versed in, too). We danced and swam and laughed and laughed and laughed.

And the company was sublime.

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