One of the reasons I’m in South Carolina for the month of February (plus a week on either side) is to get a jump on my sewing ideas.

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to get some designs out of my head and worked up in fabric, so I plan to be very industrious in SC.

I packed up my machine and as much related paraphernalia as would fit in my car. I didn’t bring an iron or ironing board with me, thinking E might have those.

She didn’t!

But, I was able to easily find what I needed at Walmart and Target once I got here.

One of the things I want to sew up are bias tapes. I’ve come by seven or eight vintage silk scarves and think they’d make up nicely.

Vintage silk scarves
Several of these “shirtdresses” are trimmed with the vintage scarf bias tape
Over 100 yards of bias pictured here

In the end, I was able to sew up about two dozen “shirt-dresses”, a design that came to me in a dream a few years ago (never-mind that just a month ago I saw a similar idea from “now this” on my daughter’s friend’s facebook feed…) Ugh! I’ve wasted so much time!

Header image credit: Some of the shirt-dresses — finally!

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