I’ve done a Hubdailer phonebank and a VAN virtual phone bank (vpb) each week since February 3.

I’ve also knocked doors each Saturday.

Surprising to me are the many voters I’ve spoken with who say they “do not know who is running”!

Some have said, “there are too many candidates”, thus they remain “undecided”.

On today’s Hubdialer calls, three people said they are going to vote Warren; a handful said they are leaning Warren.

One voter said Biden.

One said, “either Bloomberg or Steyer” (there are billboards and tv ads all over for those two down here…)

Last Saturday I knocked 50+ doors and made contact with 27 voters. All but 2 were women. Twenty-one of them said they were either LEANING or SUPPORTING Warren. Six people said they were undecided.

The field office here has been organizing voter calls since early summer (Warren has 10 field offices across the state). 

Enjoy the photos from around here lately, in the neighborhoods where I’ve been knocking doors!

The first door on my list

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