The time had come to make the drive back home. Though eager to get there as soon as possible, I knew I didn’t want to head back up the I-95 route the whole way. I knew that I wanted to take back roads and, perhaps, see some different places.

I thought I would make the drive out to Myrtle Beach, then follow the “beach route” North until it made sense to veer off somewhere in Virginia so that I could visit the childhood home/neighborhood of my mom’s.

But after that, I had no clue how to continue the drive.

One of E’s friends suggested taking the Chesapeake Bay Bridge at Virginia Beach, then, if I had the time and was interested, I could visit the sweet seaport village of St. Michaels MD.

All of that appealed to me very much, so that’s just what I did.

Myrtle Beach
On-ramping and construction at Virgina Beach!
Dawn, from the Bay Bridge
One of two tunnels
On the other side of the Bridge, still in Virginia, quite East
Sunrise over the beautiful farmlands here
Those daffodils!
The Marina
Main Street, St. Michaels
Drove out of town to Whittman Community Park and Public Landing
Pot Pie Road!
Back to St. Michaels, now hazy and overcast
Christ Church, St. Michaels Parish
Stopped for lunch at The Galley
Refreshed by a glass of their Cucumber Blueberry water
…and smitten with this sweet piece in their ladies’ loo

Then, back on the road. Enjoy these random pics in Maryland.

A back road in Delaware

Now, after crossing from Delaware to New Jersey, and making a wrong turn in New York during rush hour, I think in hindsight that I should’ve stopped there for the night. All I can say is that I was so eager to get home, and I powered through. That is NOT the best way to do it. I did stop frequently, taking the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut. I truly enjoyed the last leg of the trip, that last 1.5 hours from Hartford to my driveway. Safe and sound.

Into the tunnel on the Merritt
Another long journey at an end

Header image: St. Michaels Marina at the St. Michaels Harbor

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