How are you holding up?

I’m at home with Duncan and Emma, doing everything I can to keep dreaming, and caring, and hoping.

After making 133 masks, I’d depleted my personal stash of elastic, which is out of stock everywhere.

But I had made over 100 yards of bias tape when I was in South Carolina (just a few weeks ago!) I adapted my mask design and used the bias tape to make masks that tie instead.

Handmade bias tape
Adapted mask design, destined for my friends at SEIU who organized a distribution to nursing homes and health facilities nearby.
Though, this looks like a swim top…
I ordered some new fabric for my new creative business, but used some of it to make these masks, instead.
Totally smiling everytime I see this!

To date I’ve sewn 208 masks.

Header image (Sharing a Smile is Contagious) and last photo above (Smile): Anonymous neighborhood art bomber/s.

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