I hope you and those you love are healthy and safe.

Six-weeks into our stay at home order, we’re accommodating each other here as much as possible, with the three of us working from home: Duncan, coordinating logistics for customized deliveries to patients with in-home dialysis; Emma, with community college remote learning; and me, with various art and sewing projects.

After returning from South Carolina (about a week before the stay at home order came down here in Massachusetts) I was getting up earlier than usual and going to bed earlier than usual, too, using the extra time in the morning to meditate and pray, something I’d gotten away from over the last four years.

I also reorganized the sewing studio (just in time for all the mask-making), then moved Emma over to Adrian’s old room. Her former bedroom remains a catch-all until I take on the next big project in the basement…but, with Duncan’s zoom meetings and things taking priority down there, not much is likely to change upstairs soon.

And I’m totally fine with it.

Things have slowed down, which is welcome, but the weather isn’t warming up that much and maybe that’s why I’m sleeping in a little more now.

Once it does warm up, there’ll be yard work to do and the grotto to prepare and a garden to plant.

For now, Duncan and I have coffee together before he goes to work downstairs by 8:00 and I move onto mask-making, mostly, upstairs in the studio.

If the weather is nice, I’ll take a long walk first.

In the evening Duncan, Emma, and I have dinner, then play a game or read or watch something together on Netflix.

Sometimes we ask the Google to “play some funk” and we dance around for a while. That feels really good!

Image credit: Feelin’ good as hell ~ mas

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