The system isn’t broken. Change means taking action and change must be made now.

As a white woman (read: white skin is an inherent privilege), I’m looking for ways I can show up in solidarity with people of color and trans people.

One thing I will do is amplify their voices. I’m listening.

Another thing is act as a shield for black/trans bodies, if I’m at a street protest.

If I can’t make it into the streets, there are lots of other things I can do, including making a donation to a local bail fund (Massachusetts Bail Fund for Suffolk & Essex Counties); donating masks and medical supplies for street medics who care for those who are hurt; donating water/food for the nearest protest.

I’m not necessarily plugged in to the latest protests around me, but I can do a little research about these things and show up in whatever ways people let me know they need me.

We all have to show up.

Header image: Provincetown, Cape Cod MA, 2018 ~ mas

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