I’m not hiding behind social media. I’m listening and unlearning in all aspects of my life.

I may not be sure of the right things to say, but I do know that my silence in places like this is part of the problem.

From what you already know about me (and you know a lot about me…) you know that when I show up here I show up as a real person, who lives in this real and hurting and messy world.

Showing up imperfectly and messy is what this is all about.

The black squares we saw all over our Instagram feeds today is solidarity with people of color. They are outward signs of some real inner work non-people of color are committed to doing.

I’m committed to doing the work. Not only today. Every day.

I need to be listening more and unlearning more from diverse voices of people of color and trans people, whether that’s in my business, on social, or anywhere else in my life.

Every day.

I have to show up

We all have to show up.

This is how I’m doing it. How ’bout you?

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