This past week has been brutally painful. And eye-opening. And I’m so grateful to people directing me to important voices and sites and books that shift my understanding and engagement with racial bias, racial justice, police brutality, and the incarceration system. people of color and trans people. It will take time to unlearn. I’m committed to the work.

Meanwhile, nothing like a global crisis to rethink what it means to be productive. Tens of millions of lost jobs. A staggering loss. And yet, Essential Workers.

And the choice between being there for family or making money? That’s just REAL.

“Time of crisis” means we’re not gonna be our most creative and productive. But we CAN be our most generous, patient, and compassionate. That’s what I’m going for.

What’s something you’re reflecting on? How much has your day-to-day changed over the last three months?

Header image: Stock photography

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