Hey there, friends, if you’ve been following me here for a while, there’s a ton about my life you already know.

But every now and again I think it’s nice to (re)introduce myself. Here are 5 things that very few people *on here* know about me:

1. I sang in “The Juniper Tree”, a Philip Glass World Premier Opera at Harvard’s A.R.T. (American Repertory Theater) in Cambridge MA

2. I lived in a traditional Zen community and trained Zen Martial Arts with an enlightened Zen Master for 10 years, attaining the level of third degree black belt in sword and karate.

3. I’m the eldest of seven. Three of my siblings are women and three are men. One of them lives in Australia.

4. My partner and I have three children of our own. They are all young adults, now. I’m so proud of them and they inspire me every day.

5. I was appointed to the Massachusetts Board of (Elementary and Secondary) Education in 2014 by Governor Deval L. Patrick to serve as the Parent Representative.

What’s something you’d like me to know about you?

Header image: Stock photography

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