I began *designing clothes* for my dolls at age five after I discovered Mom’s exotic fabric stash tucked away in an upstairs closet.

I use *designing clothes* loosely! Mind you, these were crude little clothes, cut from the center fold of the choicest fabrics she had, for my troll doll.

They were rectangles that overlapped in back (held together with a safety pin) and holes snipped out for the arms to go through.

I wish I still had them to show you!

Mom had a great eye for quality, gorgeous textiles of all kinds, and she stored them away, with care, from little children’s hands.

Even so, I’d cut bits from Mom’s amazing fabric stash. I put in my first zipper at age 8 and both grandmothers taught me to knit…but knitting and crochet didn’t really *take* until I had my own children. Now, the youngest is in college and I find I have a collection of things, and interest and time as well, to share.

Header image credit: Essex Salt Marsh, Ipswich MA ~ mas

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