We're faced with competing and compelling priorities in the Commonwealth. That's why we need a courageous champion who isn’t afraid to speak up and make change. Some people approach this work by first stepping back and waiting until a consensus has formed before deciding how to move. I approach things differently, leading with my values … Continue reading Priorities

My Statement on the SJC’s Fair Share Amendment Decision

As one of the original signers of the Fair Share Amendment, I am deeply disappointed in today’s SJC decision that prevents the proposed amendment from going on the ballot and being put before the people of our Commonwealth. This decision makes it clear that a strong, progressive coalition in the legislature is more important than … Continue reading My Statement on the SJC’s Fair Share Amendment Decision

Fair Share Amendment

The Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) heard arguments yesterday on the Fair Share Amendment. Opponents of the measure want the justices to determine whether or not the proposal falls within the scope of ballot initiatives, as specified in Article 48 of our state's constitution. Our schools lack the foundation funding necessary to provide all students with … Continue reading Fair Share Amendment