I avoid taking Interstate highways as much as possible. State roads and back roads keep me feeling relaxed and interested in seeing much more of the land and structures on it.

I like cities, too! (Those will come later…)

It was grey and drizzly as I left Ohio, taking state routes I had never traveled. I bathed in the beauty of heartland fields yet to be turned and planted.

I drove a diagonal route through rural SE Ohio to West Virginia, then on to SW Virginia, drinking in the scenic beauty all along the way. I’m simply drawn to sky and mountains, farm structures (especially dilapidated ones), and fields.

Those rolling fields are balm for my eyes, for my soul, and for my mind.

In West Virginia I picked up the route through Monongahela National Forest, to George Washington National Park in VA, and arriving in the Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains, my destination for the day.

Sweet mountain and valley towns dotted the drive.

When our son asked me for art, I had just lost a long political campaign for State Representative. Three weeks after that election, I drove to visit my family in Ohio and a friend in Virginia.

This was my second drive through this region in 7 months. I welcomed this longer trip, chasing Spring all the way.

I took over 400 photos of the drive, finally editing down to the ones linked here.

Header image: Flatwoods OH

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